Why Be part of the
iowa baptist Fellowship?

*Free Pastor/Wives retreat in Des Moines

*Free listing advertising in several venues, both internet and print 

*Free web site construction and hosting 

*Free resource sharing: VBS material, Sermon series, Women’s DVD studies, Books

*Free review of Outreach and Guest Impressions with recommendations for your church

The Iowa Baptist Fellowship’s purpose is to encourage and help like faith Bible believing pastors and Independent churches in our state to better reach their communities for the cause of Christ.  We want to provide friendship and fellowship for the pastor and his wife, advice and help to their churches, and assistance as needed to improve and strengthen their outreach ministry, and to provide some items at a greatly reduced cost and effort because together, we are stronger and can do more.  

There is no formal joining as we are but a Fellowship.  But the pastor is always invited to our get-to-gethers that we have during the year as we’d like to become friends.  And we ask that churches give a $25 per year donation to the IBF which goes to our fund to help other churches in our state.  And if you’d like to do more, as many do, consider monthly support to help with your church planting, church restarting and church helping ministry.  

We have started or helped several churches around the state, both in and around Des Moines along with churches in almost every corner of the state.  We have been involved in church plants from the ground up, restarts where a closed down church or almost closed church was restarted and reinvigorated, along with simply helping some struggling churches with some practical ideas and assistance to start to see and keep visitors and begin making a difference in their lives for Christ.  Feel free to call our chairman if you’d like to know more about how we might help you! 

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